Langsford Men’s Chorus

0504197:30pm | Saturday, May 4, 2019 

First United Methodist Church, Port Huron, MI

The Langsford Men’s Chorus began in the fall of 1999 when six alumni of Wayne State University Men’s Glee Club gathered around a piano. Since the beginning they have welcomed all men who sing, and by the end of the first season about a third were non-WSU alumni. Over the years their adherence to the principles of excellence in choral music has allowed the Langsford Men’s Chorus to grow to over sixty members, all with very diverse musical backgrounds. They are dedicated to perform, promote and perpetuate the art of men’s choral music through the brotherhood of song and the fellowship among men. We hope you will put this concert on your calendar and allow the Langsford Men’s Chorus to serenade you as you welcome spring.

Joel Raney, piano


7:30pm | Saturday, March 9, 2019 

First United Methodist Church, Port Huron, MI

Joel Raney is no stranger to many of you who attended our choral workshop in 2012. This season he will return to present a piano concert on our Steinway grand piano. Joel is an outstanding composer and arranger of sacred music whose works grace churches every Sunday all across the country. His background in classical, jazz, gospel and popular music helps him to create pieces that exhibit that undefinable quality of freshness and originality that sets him apart. He started playing the piano sometime between learning to walk and learning to read. He earned a Masters in Piano Performance from The Juilliard School and has been captivating audiences with his playing ever since. Come, be spellbound by Joel’s passionate and electrifying keyboard performance.

Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic


7:30pm | Saturday, January 26, 2019 

First United Methodist Church, Port Huron, MI

America’s premier youth fiddling show band, the Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic, astounds audiences every time they take the stage. They present an energetic and polished show that features a diverse range of music from American folk, bluegrass, jazz, fiddle, western swing and Celtic traditions. Spirited vocals and Appalachian step dancing combine with the instrumentals to create an unforgettable live performance. These youthful musicians are so good they have been honored to perform three times at the White House and twice on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center. They have not only toured the U.S. from coast to coast, but have performed in Canada and tours of Europe. What better way could we begin our 2019 season than to feature these creative, talented, spirited, youthful musicians? They are sure to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you there!

River City Jazz Ensemble


7:30pm | Saturday, October 13, 2018 

First United Methodist Church, Port Huron, MI

The River City Jazz Ensemble has promised they will put bounce in the step of everyone who attends this concert. Now if that won’t bring spring in with a bound we don’t know what will! They are West Michigan’s high society dance band, playing the standard swing tunes from the 30’s thru the 50’s. The band was started in 1976 by Henry Swat, a veteran of the West Point Band, which toured with such stars as Doris Day and Martha Raye. River City Jazz is comprised of the area’s top notch musicians who in part, serve community through this great American musical heritage. They have been honored to perform for Presidents Bush, Ford, and Reagan, the Governor’s Inaugural Ball, The Ambassador to Italy, First Lady Betty Ford and opened for Bob Newhart in Chicago. Don’t be left out of the fun. Put this date on your calendar early.

Thomas Pandolfi, pianist


7:30pm | Saturday, March 10, 2018 

First United Methodist Church, Port Huron, MI

No one is more requested to return to our concert series than Thomas Pandolfi. We are so pleased to honor that request this season. If you have heard him perform before then you know what to expect; if you have not heard him you are in for a real treat. American pianist Thomas Pandolfi is an exciting virtuoso who, with each passing season, is becoming more and more sought after by audiences worldwide. He is showered with superlatives by critics for his passionate artistry and amazing technique. The Winchester Star praised him with these words “An unusual pianist because of the youth and intensity, technical brilliance and clarity of his playing.” They also penned this good advice, “ Don’t miss him.” We know you will not want to miss him this time around.

Tower Brass Quintet

tower7:30pm | Saturday, February 3, 2018 

First United Methodist Church, Port Huron, MI

Opening our 2018 season will be the Tower Brass Quintet. For thirty seven years, the Tower Brass Quintet has creatively and progressively shaped their reputation as a premier chamber music ensemble, delighting a broad spectrum of audiences with their unique style of programming and performance. Critics and presenters have consistently praised them for the innovative nature of their concert repertoire, their superb musicianship and their engaging stage presence. Each Tower Brass concert program is thoughtfully planned to offer the audience a blend of entertainment and discovery and is skillfully presented by five gifted and versatile performers. Check out their website:

Please join us as we look forward to a cold winter night being warmed by the wonderful sounds of the Tower Brass Quintet.